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Save Money by Using Your Multi-Use Account For Crop Protection Purchases

Farming is a cash intensive business that can consume hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in crop inputs alone. It’s important to find suppliers who understand your business and who can provide crop protection options to address your production challenges and budget.

Brian Russell, owner of Mokan Seed and Chemical located in Harrisonville, Missouri, understands this better than anyone.

“Some of our customers are spending upwards of a million dollars a year on crop inputs, and even though interest rates are low, the interest charges alone amount to a significant additional cost to the farming operation,” says Russell.

“The Multi-Use Account provides access to competitive finance programs allowing our customers to keep their cash on hand to operate the other aspects of their farming operation,” says Russell. “Interest is a major expense, and the ability to offer 0% financing, when available, is a major cost savings to the bottom line of our customers’ business.”

As the crop production season progresses, farmers will be faced with production challenges. Growers will reach July or August and may be faced with the decision to apply a fungicide or insecticide. That application may help the crop reach its full yield potential but will require an additional investment of $25 to $30 an acre. At this stage, the grower’s cash flow is down and the bank line of credit has been exhausted. It’s a difficult position.

“In these situations, we can sit down with the grower, discuss their needs and identify a chemistry solution,” says Russell. “There might be two or three different options that will work and maybe one crop protection manufacturer can offer 0% until December through a Multi-Use Account, that can be the difference in deciding to invest in the application and which product to use.”

According to Brad Aust, a grower from LaCygne, Kansas, the Multi-Use Account is a solid partner in his business.

“What I like most about my Multi-Use Account is that our retailer can help me shift through the various seed and crop protection options throughout the year and help me access financing when discounts may be the greatest or when I need to make in-season crop protection decisions.” Take charge of your cash flow today – explore the full potential of the Multi-Use Account or apply now. If you already have a Multi-Use Account, put it to work.

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