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Your Multi-Use Account provides an additional source of capital, matches your cash flow and helps you get the important things you need to keep your operation moving forward — all season long. Explore the full potential of your account today.

With flexible options that provide seasonal terms tied to your production cycles, you can get the crop inputs you need now, but pay after harvest.

Put it on your Multi-Use Account:

  • Seed: early-purchase discounts and a variety of deferred payment options
  • Crop protectants: the herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that help you protect your investment
  • Fertilizer: the secure way to maximize crop potential, with no liens required for most input financing

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There’s no time for downtime when you need to be in the field. Count on your John Deere dealer for solutions and support, and on your Multi-Use Account for a dependable line of credit season after season.

Put it on your Multi-Use Account:

  • Parts: your John Deere dealer has more than the right parts, they have the right answers. John Deere parts are your best choice for performance and reliability
  • Service: pre-and post-season inspections keep your equipment running like new and catch small problems before they become costly repairs
  • Attachments: Add more, do more with hundreds of attachments designed to add more comfort, versatility, and productivity to your equipment

Ask your dealer about buy now, pay later terms.

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You can use your account for so much more than crop inputs, parts, service and attachments. It’s the simplest way to pay for everyday essentials at more than 9,000 dealer and merchant locations.

Put it on your Multi-Use Account:

  • Livestock: the feed and veterinary services your animals need to stay healthy and productive
  • Fuel: bulk oil and petroleum to keep the homestead warm and equipment running all year long
  • General supplies: gates and gloves to shirts and shovels — if it helps you get the job done, odds are you can put it on your account

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From seed and crop protection to fuel and feed, your Multi-Use Account is a financing solution for all the crop inputs, farm supplies AND parts, service and attachments you need for a successful season.

Put the purchasing power of a Multi-Use Account to work today, apply now. Already have an account? Log-in here.

The Multi-Use Account has so many features to help you keep your operation moving forward:

  • Increased Purchasing Power

    • Improved cash flow — as an additional source of working capital, with no crop liens required in most cases, you can put valuable resources to use in other areas of your operation.
    • Unlimited potential — the Multi-Use Account allows you to purchase crop inputs, farm supplies AND parts, service and attachments.
    • Widely accepted — get what you need, when you need it at more than 9,000 dealer and merchant locations.
  • Convenience

    • Detailed records — forecast spending and get organized for tax time with monthly statements and an annual summary of all your Multi-Use Account purchases.*
    • Streamlined tracking — consolidate purchases from multiple suppliers into a single statement and payment.
    • Purchase knowledge — stay informed with invoice level details on your monthly statement.
  • Flexibility

    • Special financing — No-Payments/No-Interest and deferred-payment programs tied to your production cycle.
    • Seasonal terms — buy now and pay later, often after harvest, with Special Terms financing available through your local merchant.
    • Interest-free financing — when you pay your 30-day balance in full each month.
  • Ease of Use

    • Fast alternative to cash — just “put it on your account” for the simplest way to pay for the important things you need.
    • 24/7 online access — account details and up to 24 months of purchase history are always just a click away at MyJDFAccount.com.
    • Authorize multiple users — keep your operation up and running by making it convenient for employees to make purchases using you Multi-Use Account.
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    John Deere producers from around the country talk about how the Multi-Use Account helps them keep their businesses moving forward:

    Multi-Use Accounts are a service of John Deere Financial, f.s.b.